Trauma and Abuse

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trauma is any event in which your well-being, or the well-being someone else, is threatened or violated. Common traumas include, but are not limited to… witnessing or experiencing physical, verbal, sexual or emotional abuse, community violence, bullying, car accidents, severe illness or injury, separation from family members, and natural disasters. Sometimes, traumas can continue to impact our physical and emotional states and relationships for many years.

If you have a trauma history, our first step in treatment will be to collaborate on ways to help you feel safe when you are triggered. We’ll review the tools you already have in your toolbox, and add a few more.

Not every trauma survivor finds it helpful to revisit what has happened to them. For others, it’s important to process the past in order to heal. I am a firm believer in collaborating to figure out what will help you most; this may change as you move forward in your recovery journey. I’ve helped many trauma survivors turn the page to a new chapter in their lives. There is hope for you.