Q: What do you mean by “teletherapy”?

A: Teletherapy (aka online counseling, online therapy, and distance therapy) is conducted through a secure video platform, through which we can see and hear one another (I use doxy.me). Although therapy is provided through a different medium than visiting a therapist in an office, you will receive the same quality of expertise and support.

Q: Do you provide in-person services?

A: Yes, I do – in two places, actually! This website is primarily dedicated to my private teletherapy practice.

I work at the Kenneth Young Center in Elk Grove Village, IL. At KYC, clients are typically assigned a therapist based on availability.

Additionally, I work as an independent contractor for Loewenstein Counseling Group in Chicago. I have availability on Fridays and Saturdays. Call me for more information – 773-819-0494.

Q: What are the benefits of teletherapy?

There are so many! Here are a few:

  • Safer
    • No risk of exposure to Coronavirus.
  • Convenient for you
    • Allows you to engage in therapy in your space, where you feel safest and most comfortable
    • More flexibility for people who travel often, for work or pleasure
    • Fewer missed appointments due to inclement weather
  • Helps you save
    • Save money on gas, tolls, parking and babysitters
    • Save time you would’ve spent driving
  • More choices
    • Provides more choices for people living in areas with fewer options for mental health treatment
    • A viable option for long-distance couples who are interested in couples’ therapy
  • Increased privacy
    • Eliminates risk of bumping into someone you know in the waiting room!

Q: What are the drawbacks of teletherapy?

A: Our faces and shoulders are all that is seen in the video. This limits my ability to assess for things like body language and physical disabilities. I rely on other cues (like facial expressions) and on what you tell me to make up for this.

Online therapy is not suitable for everyone. People with acute mental health concerns (like suicidal and homicidal ideation or frequent psychiatric hospitalizations) may be better served in person or in a center that provides multiple services.

If you aren’t sure whether teletherapy is right for you, I’m happy to do a free, 15-minute consultation so we can decide together. Just call 773-819-0494 and if I don’t answer, leave a message!

Q: What will I need to participate in teletherapy?

A: To see me for teletherapy, you will just need four things:

  • To live in Illinois (because that’s where I’m licensed)
  • A good internet connection, preferably with high-speed internet
  • A laptop or tablet with a camera and microphone.
  • A private space where you can talk without being interrupted or overheard.

If you do not live in Illinois and are interested in online counseling, I recommend the Online Counseling Directory, which can help match you with someone licensed in your state.

Q: Is teleherapy secure?

A: Yes. Your privacy is extremely important to me, and I take every precaution to ensure it.

I use the secure platform doxy.me for our video sessions. I use a secure, e-mail server called Hushmail that allows me to send encrypted e-mails, and a platform called SimplePractice for my scheduling and documentation.

All of the data on these sites is secure, and they will never record or misuse your information.

Q: Do you provide online counseling through e-mail or texting?

A: I do have a secure e-mail address, and my phone number has texting capabilities. However, I ask that clients use these primarily for purposes of scheduling and asking questions about services, not regarding therapy matters.

The reason for this is twofold: First, to increase the security of your health information, and second, to maintain good client-clinician boundaries, which allows me to provide the highest quality of care.

Q: How do I schedule a session?

A: You have several options!

You can visit my SimplePractice Client Portal. From there, you will be able to sign up for a client log-in and schedule a consultation online.

If you don’t want a client login, contact me via phone or e-mail to schedule a free, 15-minute consultation.

Q: Is teletherapy covered by insurance?

Yes! I am currently paneled with Cigna health insurance.

More and more insurance companies are reimbursing for online services to match increasing demand for online healthcare.

There are some advantages to paying for therapy out of pocket:

  • More choice in finding the therapist who is the best fit for you
  • No need to be given a mental health diagnosis
  • Fewer paperwork requirements, meaning more freedom in your sessions

Q: How much do your services cost? Do you have a sliding scale?

A: Between $110-150. I do take a limited number of sliding scale fee clients as well. All payments are handled through the Simple Practice client portal.

I am paneled with Cigna and have applied for Blue Cross Blue Shield as well.

Therapy is a valuable investment in yourself, your mental health, and your relationships. Are you ready to make that investment today?

Take the first step towards healing.

Call 773-819-0494 today to schedule your free, 15-minute consultation.